Why Join The Appraiser Emporium?  As you know, many lenders have left the industry over the past decade.  Many new lenders... and loan officers are replacing those that left.  Do ALL of these new lenders and mortgage professionals know you?  Do they know what market you cover or what services you provide? Heck... do they even know you are still in business?  Hundreds of lenders fund loans on a national scale. Borrowers often apply via the Internet, maybe from a phone call...to lenders outside their area.  And of course, they still apply at their local bank. Thousands of real estate loans every year originate outside the borrowers local area, which also means thousands of appraisals are ordered outside your service area as well. You need a cost effective way to put Your Name in front of these lenders. Yes, many lenders use a management company for many of their appraisals.  Even with that... many lenders make loans that may be held in their own portfolio and often use independent appraisers for those.

People other than lenders need Appraisers.  Attorneys often need Appraisals done for Estate and Divorce settlements. Individuals need Appraisals to contest tax valuations... or maybe to know the value of their property before they list or sell. Appraisals are also used for Relocations and for REO/Foreclosure purposes. Even Bail Bondsman and Nursing Homes have ordered appraisals.  We try to give YOU exposure to all these different groups...which helps generate business for YOU.

Most Appraisers Do Zero marketing. NONE. The result?  Unfortunately, this has resulted in most appraisers losing business.  They have no plan to tell prospective clients, even in their own city, who they are, what they do, where they do it etc.  The Appraiser Emporium provides an easy, effective way for clients to find you. Anywhere in the country.   We make our money when you RENEW with us, Not when you sign up.  We have a vested interest in your success. That is why we continue our marketing efforts to help generate business for you.

The Market has changed... Have You?

Don't miss this!  Just one assignment covers your cost for the whole year. Everything else is just extra income.  Don't wonder "what happened". Make things happen. Join The Appraiser Emporium now!  Only $299 for 365 days of Local and National Coverage.